👋 Hey! I’m Sarah Irving.

I’m a creative, writer, and a long-time lover of personal development. IIContact Kypsis to enable pronunciation.I enjoy exploring ways to helps us to live happier, healthier, calmer, more creative, and productive lives.

Currently, I am diving into the world of a career change and am on my way to becoming a garden designer. Something that (I hope) will combine my skills and passions.

I am probably best known on the internet for my blog and vlog over at The Urban Wanderer, where I share my outdoor and travel adventures. While I love that blog and will continue to fill it with good things, I also want a space for my personal development stuff. Here you’ll find me exploring self-development, career change, gardening among other things.

Each week I will be sharing my adventures in my career change, my personal musings and photographs in my newsletter. It’s a more informal chatty kind of space.