👋 Hello there!

I’m Sarah, a creative, writer, and long-time lover of personal development. I enjoy exploring ways to helps us to live happier, healthier, calmer, more creative, and productive lives.

I am probably best known on the internet for my blog and vlog over at The Urban Wanderer, where I share my outdoor and travel adventures. While I love that blog and will continue to fill it with good things, I also want a space for my personal development stuff. It kind of fits in there, but I think a space of its own works better.

Simplicity brings more happiness than complexity

Life, as complicated as it can be, needn’t be something of stress, strain and GAHHHH moments. I have loved the quote “Simplicity brings more happiness than complexity” for longer than I can remember (but I don’t know the origin…do you know?)

Anyway, it is something I live my life along the lines of. Yes, I get caught up in my thinking sometimes, which brings out the ‘Gah!’, but it is far easier to find balance when you know it is momentary.

I’ll share my insights, thoughts, and ideas around this as this space grows. I hope you’ll come along for the ride!