The Reverse Commute

If there is one thing which many (if not most) people complain about, it will be the commute to work. Whether it is due to time or distance or how much is costs by bus or in the car. There is usually a complaing to be said and the idea of working from home a tempting way out of that daily two way grind.

Working from home

As a bit of a remote working veteran having started up as a Virtual Assistant in 2008, I am no stanger to doing my job from the comfort of my own home. Although comfort is great, it comes with some inevitable side effects. Think loneliness, an expanding waistline and misplaced productivity with the added time you claw back from not having to travel to work.

Great as it might sound when you look at in theory, not so much when you get into the daily, weekly and yearly grind of it all. I noticed quite quickly how often I would stay int he house ‘to finshish this last bit’ or