Finish Stuff Friday

At the beginning of 2019, I came up with the idea of Finish Stuff Friday. It was about taking the time to do all the niggly bits on my to-do list which had been lingering for some time.

The thing about the stuff passing from day to day, week to week, month to month, is that they never go away. Not only are they sitting on your list, but they also take up a bit of your mind. Like a weight inside your head reminding you that you shouldn’t be relaxing now, you have *insert list item here* to be doing.

Rather than carrying that weight around with me, and to also clear off my list, I decided to throw myself all in on a Friday to clear off the items which never went away.

I know that many of these tasks took a back seat because I was prioritising other things over them, but they still held some importance in my life – like finishing upholstering my kneeling chair, or reattaching a shower curtain rail. Useful, but sometimes non-essential.

What I discovered was that I felt lighter after doing the jobs, my to-do list was cleaner and I also had more time at the weekend to do the things I wanted to be doing (which didn’t involve bitty to-do list tasks). I also got the jobs done that I needed to do and it put a stop to procrastination as I had a plan of action and a challenge to get through it.

To help you get your own Finish Stuff Friday (or whichever day you choose) going, here are some tips to help you to get started.

🦸 Take Action

🗒️ Review your to-do list and check for stragglers, which appear regularly and never get done

⬆️ Move those items up to the top of your list (only for Finish Stuff Friday)

⏱️ Work out approximately how long the tasks will take (spoiler! It probably won’t take as long as you have been thinking it will!)

💪 Get stuck in and see how many you can get through in the one allocated day

🥇 At the end of the day, review how much you have cleared from your to-do list and relish in that feeling of accomplishment

☕️ Have a celebratory brew and flow into the weekend a little bit lighter and with some extra time on your hands

💡 What I get out of this

🧚 I feel satisfied to get through the things which never get done, which lightens the load on my subconscious mind

🧰 Little jobs I have been putting off (or deprioritising) get done

⏲️ I make time for the things that I enjoy, and get to do it guilt free too!

❎ If something doesn’t even make it through two weeks of Finish Stuff Friday, it gets chucked off the list! If I can’t prioritise it on a day of prioritising bitty things, it is obviously not that important


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