Getting back in the swing of things

Well, it seems that my posting here became a bit of a start then stop affair. Probably more stop, if I am brutally honest with myself. I do have a reason though. Privately selling a house takes a little more work than I had anticipated, meaning that I spent a lot of time on the phone or bouncing emails around in order to keep things moving. Turns out that estate agents might do a bit more than we would believe.

Anyway, hello from the other side of Manchester. We have moved from the east of the city in Newton Heath to the south side in Cheadle. A big change when you look at it, but all part of the journey up the property ladder. We invested in a cheap property when we were young and have been able to claim back that money (typically lost to rent) to leap up a bit higher than we would have been able to otherwise. Anyway, that’s a story for another time. I am here to kick start my writing again. To get back in the swing of things and to grow my habit of regularly writing and sharing. That and starting up the YouTube channel for this stream of my work.

Why am I writing it down and telling you? As accountability really. So I know I have put it out there and that you might nip at my ankles from time time time if nothing comes your way. And to get the journey started to regularly posting. Starting is definitely the most important step.

Starting as I mean to go on

With a new home, a change in employment status (I am back to self-employment after the end of a contact with the community interest company I was working with) and a new found time to work on my creative projects, I am keen to get started and set myself up as I mean to go on.

That means:

✍️ Writing regularly on this website!

📹 Starting my YouTube channel, no matter how messy it is!

😳 Facing my fears and sending my proposal out!

If you fancy outing yourself on anything you will be doing, please pop them in the comments and we can cheer each other on!

Let’s get started and back in the swing of things!

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