I’m learning Dutch (January 2021 Update)

I have been learning Dutch in a number of ways for about the past four years. I have good days and bad days and I am totally more fluent in my head than when I try to get my words out in a conversation. In order to track my progress and share with you where I am up to, I have decided to do monthly reviews of my learning.

You might be wondering why I am learning Dutch. Many of my Dutch friends do and also exclaim that “everyone in the Netherlands speaks English anyway!”. For me, learning a language is about respect for another culture. About being able to fully integrate and immerse in life there and to discover things on a new level.

I fell in love with the Netherlands on a trip to Rotterdam in 2016. Since then I dabbled with learning Dutch using all kinds of apps and methods. This year, I am really going to pull some force and get working on my language in the hope that sometime this year I might be able to get there to enjoy some of the country as well as put my skills to use in the real world.

To keep me accountable and to track progress, here is the first of my monthly posts.

🧑‍🎓 What have I done this month

🦉 I have kept up my 482 day steak on Duolingo

🗨️ Booked my next five conversation lessons with my iTalki teacher

📚 Started working through my beginner textbook again

⏰ I have been making time to do some Babbel reviews and lessons

🙈 What haven’t I done

🧠 I haven’t stretched myself with my Duolingo sessions. I have been doing the minimum to get my daily tally and often opt for an old lesson to get through it quickly!

💡 What I have learned and taken from this month

🦥 I have been a bit lax in my approach to learning so far this month (ahem, year!)

🗣️ I enjoy (and miss) having someone to speak Dutch with

📆 I need to schedule time to work on my Dutch every day

👊 Goals for this month

  1. Learn one new verb each week

2. Commit to sharing my progress, even when I fall off the wagon (see above for taking the easy route!)

3. Schedule at least one hour per day to focus on my learning

4. Share blog posts in Dutch on My Little Dutch Blog

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