Putting things off

I have a dream. A dream of writing a non-fiction book. It has geweestbeenContact Kypsis to enable pronunciation.been something which has geweestbeenContact Kypsis to enable pronunciation.been bubbling on the back-burner for quite a few years now. And, with tijdtimeContact Kypsis to enable pronunciation.time to get woking on it (I am currently on furlough from a contract) I ‘should’ be whipping it into shape.

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However, that isn’t the case. This morning, apart from chasing solicitors about our imminent house sale and purchase, I have been thinking about buying a drone, which has absolutely nothing to do with writing or books. All this, despite chatting with another writer friend, who kindly provided me with a copy of her proposal which snagged her an agent.

My Readwise daily digest email arrived this morning and struck me like a branch to the head.

Sharing my proposal idea with my friend; getting a template for a proposal; and finding an agent actually looking for something I want to write were my to-do list ticks from yesterday. All very exciting, but somewhere inside of me the fear surfaced.

The quote from Ryan Holiday’s “Ego is the Enemy” landed aptly at the right time. I don’t want my book to stay in me for another year. I must work on a way to get through that fear and turn it back into excitement. Something I will start today by either buying the drone and closing down the browser windows (obviously the best option, right!) and by just doing it!

As someone who is great at just doing the thing, it is quite a shock to find myself procrastinating over this. Turns out that when it is something you really, really, really, want, it is far easier to avoid the potential of negative feedback and failure.

So here goes… let’s get this proposal and query letter written up!

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