Two-Fifths of a Century

Age is a funny old thing. When you are younger, you want to be older. When you are older, you want to be younger. I realised recently that I am almost at the two-fifths of a century mark in my life. I’m not really one to mark special birthdays or read more into them than the number of years I have been on this planet, but it has made me think about a few things. Well, having an increase in time to think during the pandemic was a big influence.

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Aches and Pains

As tends to happen, many of my friends have either passed the threshold of middle-age, or at least the forty mark. According to Brittanica, middle-age is somewhere between 40 – 60 but differs per person. There are many factors at play to when you might enter the middle-aged phase of your life, but some of the ‘symptoms’ can start earlier in life.

In about 2017, I started to get a weird shooting pain in my lower back and a clicky hip. It discomfort radiated into my leg. Consultations with Dr Google pointed me in the direction of sciatic pain. It didn’t really come as much of a surprise that I might be experiencing this as so many of my friends had commented of similar aches and pains. Many of which saw it simply as part of the ageing process.

Having had physiotherapy for different injuries and physical ailments throughout my life, I was keen to see whether I could work it out. My physio of choice was, of course, YouTube, Althlean X to be precise. After some sciatic flossing and rolling around on the floor on a tennis ball, I found very little was easing. So I had to concede to a trip to the doctors, which resulted in me having a urine test and a session of X-rays at the local hospital. All of which came out clear of anything which might have been an issue.

I don’t really know what happened, but the discomfort gradually eased and I went back to normal life again, forgetting that I had the problem at all. It started to match up to what my friends were saying about the occasional bout of pain. I wondered whether this was in fact all part of getting older, or whether there was anything else I could do about it.

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Part and parcel

On my bus ride to and from town, I have forged some lovely friendships with the other regular travelers. We chat along and generally put the world to rights. As a group of people of all ages, we tend to steer clear from age, but some of the topics appear without saying.

One lady, a cleaner for a hotel, struggles to get up from the bus seat. She has trouble walking some days and is always keen to announce “I’m up!” when she does get to her feet to alight the bus. You would think that she was coming towards retirement, but no. She is in fact in her mid fifties. Her daughter, who I had once assumed was in her mid-fifties, is actually younger than me by a few years.

That variation of middle-age seems to have a wider reach in some parts of the country. It got me wondering whether it had anything to do with lifestyle as well as natural degredation of the body. Something that would set me off on a journey of exploration.

A journey into ageing

So began my journey. And something I will be sharing along the way. I plan on getting involved with my research and sharing it with you here, on my YouTube channel and in my newsletter. (sign up here, if you haven’t already)

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